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This is a free public application for searching and identification of known spa (Protein A) repeat types, implemented for the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. The number and sequence of spa repeats have found wide clinical and research use in the classification and molecular epidemiology of human and veterinary strains of pathogenic S. aureus, as well as other Staphylococcus species. This software provides results in the Kreiswirth and Ridom nomenclature.

Enter nucleotide sequences and press submit in the panel above. The software will scan the sequences in forward and reverse directions. There is no need to isolate the Protein A sequence before submitting (although shorter sequences are analyzed faster). Follow links to get help and further description.

The idea behind this site is to allow research labs with limited software budgets to perform reliable spa typing. Please contact the author with comments, bug reports, and suggestions for enhancements or improvements.

All results provided by this software are for RESEARCH USE ONLY. The author makes ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY on their suitability for any application, and assumes no responsibility for any adverse consequences, including but not limited to adverse clinical consequences, in any situation involving the use of results obtained from this software.

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